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Product :  Wood Briquettes

Pack Qty :  Full Pallet

Total Log Qty :  468 Logs

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Product Specification Details
  • Product :

    Wood Briquettes

  • Pack Qty:

    Full Pallet

  • Logs per pack:

    6 Logs

  • Total Log Qty:

    468 Logs

  • Cost Per Log:


  • Moisture Content:


  • Calorific value:

    4200Kcal/Kg 4885 KWH

  • Ash:

    Less than 1%

  • Smokeless:


  • Weight Per log:

    1.66kg Per Log

  • Weight Per Pack:

    10kg Per Pack

  • Gross Consignment Weight:


  • Pack Size:

    450mmx300mmx75mm per pack

  • Pallet Size:


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More Information

If your order a pallet of our wood briquette fuel now you should have enough to see you through the winter. Whether you use an open fire or a wood burner the benefits of using a briquette product are many. You’ll be instantly greener and cleaner as a household and you’ll also save money compared to other fuel sources. And you can forget having to chop up wood for your fire as the briquette can be split by hand. That’s going to save you a lot of time each month!


We use the highest quality furniture cut-offs for our briquette products so that you get wood that burns well and for longer. This means you get the best performance for a lower price.


Our briquette solution is becoming increasingly popular with those who enjoy a real fire especially in smokeless zones where a smoking fire is not permitted. Our briquettes are clean, green and affordable and offer great performance. No trees are felled specifically for our briquette production – that means your fuel source is ecologically sound. In fact, the offcuts we use are from sustainable sources so you really will be doing something positive for the planet.


Buy in Bulk Now For Some Great Briquette Savings


By ordering in bulk you get a product that will see you through the coldest months and which can be stored away until you need it. We package our briquette fuel in polythene bags that are durable and which keep all debris contained inside. Order now if you are looking for a cleaner and tidier means of storing your wood away. We do however recommend that you still store your wood in a dry place away from any moisture sources.


If you are looking for a fuel source that promises consistent heat for longer, take a look at our briquette options. You can break up a briquette too giving you even more manageability over your fire. Simply add small pieces if you want the fire to die down sooner than normal or add small pieces to traditional wood logs. Our packs of 6 briquettes are easy to carry and manage and you can place your order right now. We have many regular and loyal customers who use us year on year to provide them with their briquette solution. We know that traditional wood fuel can be expensive or inconvenient to source and chop which is why we offer a more convenient and cost effective fuel. We’d be delighted to tell you more and to show you why our fuel is one of the best products on the market today.


Why not order a briquette full pallet now and ensure you have enough fuel for the coming months. You’ll save yourself trips to your usual supplier, save yourself having to chop up your wood and you’ll save money because we offer such great value for money.

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