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Keep the Fires Burning With Our Reliable Firelighters

Our firelighters are some of the most reliable and effective on the market. It can sometimes be hard to get a fire started but our firelighters take the hassle and frustration out of the job by providing a great source of quick to ignite fuel. Whether you need to get your fire, wood burner, stove or BBQ going, our firelighters are a great investment.

Our firelighters are easy to use and work especially well with our wood briquettes. They also work very well with charcoal, wood and coal. If you are using smokeless fuels or fuels specifically developed in the UK, or firelighters will not let you down. You can place an order today and we’ll have your firelighters delivered to your door without delay.

Simply crumble or break up your firelighter and place it on top of your usual fuel. Because you can easily break up our products you can choose the exact about you need to get your fire going. We supply all of our products in strong and clean packaging and our firelighters are no exception. This ensures they are dry and ready for action whenever you need to use them. Whilst we package our products well, we do recommend you keep your firelighters a safe distance away from your fire source. The good news is that once your fire is lit and has taken hold you won’t need to use any more firelighters until you light a new fire. You ideally need to store any combustible materials or products at least 6ft away from your fire.

We’d be delighted to take your order today. Why not order some of our firelighters alongside your wood briquettes or pellets? They will ensure your fire is always ready to warm you when you need heat the most. We offer a wide range of fuels and would be delighted to help you select the right type and size to suit your requirements. Speak to our team today about placing an order or to find out more.

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