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Fire Wood eco alternative from wood briquette direct

Fire Wood comes in many forms these days from a variety of sources. The dramatic increase in wood burning stoves across the UK, reported to be an increase of 300% in just one year means that the supply of traditional/standard wood is also increasing in demand. Such a demand is putting huge pressure on the UK’s wood supplies, meaning costs are being driven up and the quality driven down.

Anyone used to burning wood will be aware that the very best wood available is 2 year seasoned Ash, wouldn’t it be wonderful is every time you picked up a log from your store it was guaranteed to be 2 year seasoned ash and burned wonderfully. As demand increases the quality of traditional wood sources is compromised and often then not you’ll be trying to burn un seasoned pine one moment and something entirely different the next. All such Fire Wood regardless of quality has to be felled from forests, and as demands soar it becomes increasingly difficult to source wood from sustainable sources.

The Fire Wood solution from Wood Briquettes Direct, provides a clean, cost effect and environmentally sound alternative to burning traditional wood logs. The briquette fire wood solution is manufactured using hardwood off-cuts from the furniture industry. The off-cuts are compressed at very high pressure to form these fire wood briquettes, which have outstanding burn qualities. Each briquette has a calorific value of 4200Kcal/Kg and offers 4886KWH of heat, each has a very low moisture content of between 8-10% and contains less than 1% ash. All this technical jargon simply means that in practice these Fire Wood briquettes burn better and longer than even the very best 2 year seasoned ash wood. They are also kind to the environment, as not tress are felled for their manufacture, and you need less of them to maintain a hot and healthy fire.

Each fire wood briquette is marked/scored along its length to enable the user to break them of at sections, meaning you have complete control of your fires output and also you log store. In terms of storage this briquette solution is exceptionally clean, the briquettes are delivered 6 in a pack, with a minimum order of three packs. The fire wood briquettes are packed tightly using tough polythene and so the transit and store very easily.

We found ordering this product very easy using the Wood Briquettes Direct website, where the product can be ordered in amounts from 3 packs (18 logs) to a full pallet (468 logs), regardless of amount ordered he nice people at Wood Briquettes Direct offer free delivery.

The product comes into its own for urban areas, where delivery and storage of traditional wood fuels can be a problem, the Fire wood briquettes are rated for use in smokeless zones, which are becoming more prevalent in build up urban areas throughout the UK.  This product takes up so little space in terms of storage, and with the logs being compact and wrapped they are clean enough to store indoors, and you can order as many or as few packs suits your storage solution, as you can be assured that your next order will provide the exact same performance as your last, and you get free delivery. This truly is a fabulous alternative to traditional wood products and should be considered by anyone with a wood burning stove, fire or open fire.

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