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Log Burners briquettes offer clean low cost alternative

After an unexpectedly long & cold winter in the year 2010/11, supplies of well-seasoned wood are thin on the ground, as the increase in log burners hits a record 300% in the last year, all these Log burners have to be fed with something, and wood has been the natural choice for those with Log burners, stove sand open fires. There is however an alternative which is cost effective, clean and crucially is exceptionally kind for the environment, much kinder than traditional wood supplies.

Traditional wood supplies are becoming increasingly costly, and the quality is often compromised due to high demand. Users of Log Burners often have to buy substantial quantities a full tone to obtain an acceptable price, with many new Log Burners users being situated in the city such quantities are often impractical to store.

The ideal Log Burners solution comes in the form of Briquettes, made from hardwood furniture off-cuts supplied from major furniture manufacturers across Europe. These briquettes are made in the UK and unlike other solutions, they are solid, the hardwood off-cuts are compressed at huge pressure to form solid logs with a fabulous burn performance. Each log is scored along its length enabling the user to break off smaller sizes to burn, making these logs ideal for managing you fire. Other logs are available in the market, but often have a hole through the middle making them larger and more prone to damage, meaning they can disintegrate in transit and make storage a less clean affair that requires more space.

The log burners from Wood Briquettes Direct are clean and easy to store. Each pack contains 6 logs, which are packed in tough polythene meaning they are clean in transit and storage. Storing these logs is very easy; they are clean, compact and can be ordered in quantities as small as 3 packs. Meaning they can stored in the smallest possible space.

Consistency of your wood supply is key, and here again the briquette solutions scores well, each and every log offers the exact same high performance output, regardless of which pack or load they are delivered in. Meaning you can maintain a store in line with your capability, and always be able to order more of the exact same product with free delivery.

In terms of performance each briquette has a calorific value of 4200Kcal/KG and 4885KWH, each log contains between 8-10% moisture and less than 1% ash, and they’re cost effective and kind to the environment. These really are amazing properties, in use these briquettes burn wonderfully, these figures translate into real world performance, they really do perform as well and generally better than the very best 2 year seasoned Ash.

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