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Logs for sale eco briquettes perform better than logs

As the owner of an open fire, a wood burner or a stove, what do you think when you see an advert saying logs for sale, my first thought is what kind of logs, how much do I have to buy and can I guarantee its quality, how much is this going to cost for delivery... All the usual question that spring to mind for all of us I’m sure. There used to be a time when order wood logs was easy, and the supply was consistent, however with a 300% increase in the number of wood burners in the UK alone the demand for fuel has also increased and this means the cost is going up and generally the quality going down....

I’ve recently used an alternative wood product available from Wood Briquettes Direct. The product is basically a formed briquette, manufactured using high quality hardwood furniture off-cuts. One of the key reasons I want to try this product is that no trees are forested in their production meaning it’s very, very ecologically sound. I’ve tried other such products in the past, seeking to fulfil my eco aspirations, unlike other products, the logs for sale on the Wood Briquettes Direct site are solid, whereas others have a hole in the middle. The benefits of solid logs is that they burn very well and for a long time, they are also smaller in diameter and in transit and storage are less likely to break.

The briquettes I ordered on line at Wood Briquettes Direct, are manufactured in the UK, another important element in my decision making process. They come tightly wrapped in packs of 6 logs, and there’s a minimum order of 3 packs, therefore 18 logs. As the logs are tightly packed and solid units in themselves there were very little if any damage in transit, such qualities are important also in the storage of this product.

I ordered 6 packs that 36 logs, which I stored inside under my stairs, unlike normal wood stores there are no spaces for bugs or nasties to hide and storage was clean as was handling the logs from the store to my wood burner.

In terms of technical performance the briquettes offer a calorific value of 4200Kcal/KG, and 4885 KWH heat output. They contain little water just 8-10% and less than 1% ash. That’s all fabulous, but what does it mean in the real world? In use these logs burn wonderfully, and equally on a par with the very best 2 year seasoned ash, they offer a wonderful heat output, and burn for a very long time indeed. With the added benefit of being able snap these logs by hand at marked intervals to add smaller pieces to your fire, you have the best balance between fire performance and management of your wood store.  Fire consistency is another key benefit, as the supply of the hardwood off-cuts is constant as is the manufacturing process, you can be assured that every time you order more briquettes they have the same qualities. And with free delivery from Wood Briquettes Direct you don’t need to maintain a huge store to see you thought those cold winter months.

I am astonished by the performance, the ease of use, the low cost, the speed of delivery and also the eco benefits of this product. Why would you use anything else, when you can tick all the above boxes with this wonderful product?

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