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Pellets carbon neutral heating solution

Wood pellets are a clean, CO2-neutral and convenient fuel, mostly produced from sawdust and wood shavings, compressed under high pressure using no glue or other additives. Sized between 6-10 mm in length they are cylindrical in shape. As a highly uniform and high-density fuel, pellets are cheap to transport and provide automatic operation for heat and power, from private homes to large-scale plants.

The use of Pellets in the Private and plant market is rapidly growing, they are a key technology for increasing biomass utilization in Europe and beyond, especially in the heating sector.

Pellet stoves are often attractively designed modern appliances where bagged pellets are typically used. They are often used as a heating source additional to an electric, gas or oil heating system. Italy is the largest European market for Pellet Stoves.

Pellet Boilers are fully automatic central heating systems for residential heating, they require bulk delivery of pellets for their effective operation. Pellets are delivered using a special tanker that blows the wood pellets into the local storage system. The pellet boiler is fed automatically from the storage system via a mechanical feeding system. No manual work is necessary for the fuel supply, making this as user friendly as more traditional gas or oil-fired heating system. The key benefit of such as system is lower on going fuel costs, whilst the installation (initial investment) is generally slightly higher than other fuel systems.

Modern pellet stoves and pellet boilers require pellets of a high quality. There are various standards to which wood pellets must adhere, these currently vary from country to country, however a European standard is under development and is expected soon.

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