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Wood Burners popularity drives up wood prices try briquettes

After last year’s long hard winter and the ever increasing popularity of the wood burning stove across the country, with more and more units being installed throughout the country, the supply of well seasoned wood is thin on the ground.

In the past 12 months, sales of the eco-friendly heaters have risen by more than 300 per cent, the recent cold snap has also brought about another massive increase in sales.
Famous owners of these toasty furnaces include Prince of Wales, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Lily Allen, Alex James, Anne Robinson, Daniel Day-Lewis and legions of other right-on celebrities.

There are two main reasons for their sudden popularity , the price of oil and gas has continued to rise, and concerns about the environment has encouraged consumers to seek out a carbon-neutral fuel for heating their homes. A wood burning stove provides five times as much heat as a regular open fireplace and can therefore heat a far bigger section of the house, making them much more economical than a fireplace or gas/Oil/electricity.

Many new wood burners are rated for use in smokeless zones, meaning the popularity has exploded particularly in urban areas. This of course leads to new problems, Increased demand for firewood in urban areas far away from the sources of firewood, has led to some people having difficulty obtaining good quality, well-seasoned logs, and led to sharp increases in the price. Also the shortage of storage space in small urban gardens and flats has meant that the traditional way of purchasing logs – by the tonne, just doesn’t suit the modern consumer.

Our wood briquettes provides a clean, cost effect ecologically sound alternative to sourcing and storing traditional wood fuels. Each pack in made up of 6 logs, tightly wrapped in tough polythene, meaning they are  easy to transport and store. In urban areas these logs offer a terrific solution, you can order as few as 3 packs at a time, and with free delivery you can order as much as you can store, whereas with traditional wood sources you often have to order by the tonne. Our packs are clean and require much less space than traditional woods and so can be stored in doors if required without leaving chips or debris. Simply pull the log our of the pack and pop in on the fire.

Wood briquettes from Wood Briquettes Direct truly provides a real world, cost effective solution to your wood fuel requirements. These briquettes offer fabulous heat properties, burning as well and in most cases better than even the best 2 year seasoned Ash, at a fraction of the cost whilst also saving the environment.

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