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Wood Burning try cost effective eco briquettes

So what constitutes good wood burning? The established measure of the best wood burning log is that of 2-3 year seasoned Ash. Ash burns slowly, whilst outputting a great deal of heat. With the number of wood burning stoves on the increase, such wood is becoming both expensive and scarce, especially in inner city areas, where the number of wood burning stoves in increasing dramatically, 300% in the past year. The demand for good quality wood is increasing as the number of wood burning stoves increases. Buying traditional wood at anywhere near sensible prices can mean buying by the tonne.  Buying by the tonne is simply not viable due to storage issues for many inner city users, meaning they are having to pay more for smaller amounts. Regardless of amount purchased, be that small or by the tonne, the quality of wood supplies is often compromised due to the increased demand and difficulty of delivering to inner city areas.

Wood burning briquettes from Wood Briquettes Direct solve all the above problems, whilst also providing the added benefit of being an ecologically sound solution. The Wood Briquettes Direct product is manufactured using only the very best hardwood furniture off-cuts, therefore no trees are forested directly for their manufacture.  The briquettes have a calorific value of 4200Kcal/Kg 4885KWH, contain between just 8-10% water, and less than 1% ash, meaning they burn equally as well as, and generally better than the very best 2 year seasoned ash!

The wood burning briquettes are delivered in packs of six. Each pack is bound in tough polythene, and can be ordered in quantities as small as 3 packs. Meaning you can order amounts according to your own storage solution, as our packs are clean and require very little space you can store them indoors without leaving debris or attracting bugs animals, which traditional wood stores will always deliver.

These briquettes offer a truly viable, ecologically sound, cost effective solution for anyone using a wood burner, stove or open fire. Easy to store, fabulous to burn and helping the environment, what more could you need?

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