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Wood logs briquette option eco friendly and cost effective

In the past year there has been a dramatic increase in the number of wood burning fires and stoves in the UK, a reported increase of 300% is quite simply nothing but astonishing. With the increase in wood burning devices there comes an equal increase in the demand for fuel, which has typically been natural Wood Logs. Those in the know, will be well aware of the difference between an un-seasoned pine log and a 3 year seasoned ash log, the first being a horrible smoky affair offering little heat and burning out quickly, with the latter providing a high heat output, smokeless long burn experience. If only you could be assured of seasoned ash every time you ordered a ton of woods logs, this simply does not happen, increasingly a ton of wood will be a mix of various wood types from the worst to the best, offer no consistency at all, and making your fire hard to manage. Also when living in urban areas, few of us have space to store a ton of wood and buying smaller quantities is often costly.

So what is the solution, Wood Briquettes Direct the on-line briquette business offers a real world viable wood log solution that not only makes life easier and your log solution much more manageable it’s also kind to the environment. 

So what is this fabulous product and how is it made? The briquette solution from Wood Briquettes Direct is manufactured using the very best hardwood furniture off-cuts from manufacturers throughout Europe. The off-cuts are chipped and compressed at high pressure to form these wood briquettes, each briquette has a calorific value of 4200Kcal/Kg, providing 4885 KWH, each has a super low moisture content between 8-10% and less than 1% ash. Crucially no trees are forested directly in the manufacture of this product, as its made from the by-product of another industry, the benefits to the environment is quite simply amazing, especially as these wood logs provide such a fabulous burn performance too.

These wood logs are packed 6 to a bag, which is wrapped in tough polythene meaning they are simple and easy to transport and store.  Storage of these firewood logs is clean and tidy, regardless of how many you require. These wood logs light easily (just a standard firelighter will suffice). These wood logs can be used as a single fuel source, or they can be mixed with more traditional fuel types such as wood. If mixing with traditional wood, it’s recommended you split the firewood logs and add them according to your heat requirements each wood log can be split easily by hand using the pre marked sections along the log. In splitting your firewood logs, you are able to control your fire to your needs, having confidence in the performance ensures your fire is at just the right temperature at all times.

So for a real world wood log alternative, these briquettes provide a safe, clean, cost effective and crucially environmentally friendly solution that outstrips traditional wood solutions for the majority of wood burning situations.

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