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Wood Briquettes Direct is an on-line business, we do not trade outside of the web. The only place you can obtain our products is via this website. We do this for one reason only, and that’s to keep costs of this fabulous product as low as possible for you the customer, we have no overheads for shops etc... which means we can keep the costs down and offer our products at exceptional prices to you. We're committed to producing and selling a top quality product that is both user friendly, and environmentally friendly, with the number of wood burning stoves, open fires and wood burners increasing dramatically, and with it the number of smokeless zones expanding across the country we're totally committed to providing a consumer product that ticks all the boxes, we believe our product achieves this.

There are many products on the market, but we believe we offer the best price per performance product available. With ease of use, consistency in performance and sound ecological reasons why not try our briquettes and see for yourself. We're committed to helping the environment and our customers and aim to do this at a price that works for all. Give them try, we're positive you'll join us in or quest to improve lives and the environment.

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