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UK delivery is just another benefit of buying from Wood briquettes; we want to keep your buying decision as simple as possible. We provide one price for our product, which means you know what you're paying for. Join us in the wood revolution, our eco-friendly; low cost, high performance product costs what we quote. There are no hidden costs at all. Join us in our quest and we'll be able to provide you the best value, best performing alternative wood product available.

We've made all efforts to ensure that our product is always available, we work only with the biggest hardwood furniture manufacturers to ensure there is never a shortage, when you order, we'll deliver – simple and easy. You'll only receive the very best quality of Hardwood briquettes, that's our commitment to you, you need never be wanting for a high performance heating solution. Order now and we'll be with you in a few days, .... where else can you obtain such a high quality product whist helping to maintain our world’s resources?

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