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Heat Logs UK prides itself on providing a sustainable, cost effective alternative to traditional wood fuel sources. Heat Logs UK provide wood briquettes that provide a truly viable alternative to standard wood fuels for wood burners, stoves and open fires. Our Heat logs not only make your life easier, and cleaner, they're also kind to environment, being made from high quality hardwood furniture off-cuts, from only the best sources means that no trees are forested in their production, meaning they are a true eco fuel.

Not only are they ecologically sound, they also perform fabulously, they perform equally as well as the very best 2 year seasoned ash, probably the best performing traditional wood source. The heat output and burn time is simply astonishing and they are rated for use in smokeless zones, which are becoming the norm in built up inner city areas. Our heat logs are supplied in packs of six, which are packaged in tough polythene to ensure both safe transit as well as making them clean and easy to store.

The manufacturing process is simple, we take the furniture off-cuts, which are then chopped to the right size. The chips are then compressed at phenomenal pressure to produce these attractive and easily handled heat logs. During the fabrication process, each log is scored at intervals meaning you can break them by hand into smaller sections, enabling you to manage your fire effectively, without the use of an axe or a saw.

In terms of their technical performance, our heat logs contain between 8-10% water, and less than 1% ash, with a calorific value of 4200Kcal/Kg and 4885 KWH, these logs burn wonderfully, and are consistent from one log to the next, as the source of the furniture off-cuts is consistent, as is the manufacturing process. When using traditional wood fuels, you can expect a huge variety in the quality of wood, even in the same load let alone from load to load. This is simply not an issue with our heat logs, every single log offers the exact same performance regardless of when you order.

Our heat logs are available in pack of 3 (18 logs) to a full pallet (468 logs) and with next day delivery to your hoe you will never be without a fabulous heat source. As each pack of six is bound in tough polythene you can be assured of the very best quality logs on delivery, and easy storage and use once in the home. We recommend our logs are stored in a dry environment to ensure the very best performance each time. Lighting these logs is very easy, using just one standard firelighter will get these logs burning and up to temperature in no time at all every time.

So they're easy to buy, easy to store, clean and perform fabulously, crucially they are also kind to the environment and very cost effective. So what are you waiting for, order today and put our claims to the test, we know you won't be disappointed.

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